NOV 29 - DEC 4 | 2016


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Queue Projects represents an extensive and refined collection of unique works and the very best multiples by many of the classic names of 20th Century Modern and Contemporary art - Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Keith Haring, Alexander Calder, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sam Francis, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein and more. We focus on works of the finest quality, inspiring the greatest confidence from our buyers. The owner of Queue Projects has worked directly with the Chagall and Francis estates in the past to acquire major collections of unique works by those artists.

Affiliated with Martin Lawrence Galleries, our greater organization is also distinguished by its loans to museums and public institutions the world over. In the last 15 years our company has loaned more than 250 artworks to major museums, including four oil paintings to Galerie Nationale Jeu de Paume for their 2003 Rene Magritte exhibition; Picasso’s Coucher de Soleil to Picasso: Indoor/Outdoor Landscapes at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona; a Warhol/Basquiat collaborative painting to the 2010 traveling exhibition Andy Warhol: The Last Decade; two paintings to Sam Francis: Five Decades of Abstraction; and a monumental standing mobile by Calder to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for their 2014 exhibit Calder at the Rijksmuseum. Most recently, we’ve loaned an Erté painting to the Hermitage Museum for their Erté exhibit – Erté: Master of Art Deco; Magritte’s Les Grands Rendez-vous to Centre Pompidou’s René Magritte La trahison des images; and Muniz’s Guernica to the High Museum of Art’s major Muniz retrospective. In 2017, our Outpost Drive, Hollywood will tour the Tate Britain, Pompidou, and Metropolitan Museum of Art for the world’s most extensive retrospective yet of David Hockney’s work – David Hockney. The company has also loaned works to the National Gallery, BMA, LACMA, MOCA, SFMOMA, and the Whitney, among many others.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat
Alexander Calder
Marc Chagall
Salvador Dalí
Robert Deyber
Sam Francis
François Fressinier
Darren Goins
Keith Haring
Damien Hirst
Mark Kostabi
Roy Lichtenstein
Rene Magritte
Joan Miró
Vik Muniz
Takashi Murakami
Pablo Picasso
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Andy Warhol


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